Different Rose Meanings | Flowers By Leigh | Valentines Day

So... with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, do you really want to send the same gift as last year? 

The red rose has been a worldwide tradition on Valentine’s Day since before I can remember, the soft velvet petals and large heads, always remind me of Valentine’s Day.

The perfect gift... or so we thought!

I will be looking today at the different meanings for different rose colours, will you be bold and unique and opt for something different this valentines? 


First of  all let’s keep with tradition... the red rose has been a staple of valentines for many years and I can see why! It’s enchanting beauty and thorny stem signify perfectly the ups and downs of a relationship... but what is the real meaning behind these deep red roses? 

Love, passion, beauty, courage and respect.

A truly beautiful gift for your loved one.

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Moving on... Crisp white roses are another popular choice for your loved one. As delicate as the clouds and as beautiful as the fresh snow falling. The true meaning behind these stunning flowers is -

Purity, Innocence, Silence, Secrecy, Heavenly and Marriage.

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Dark Pink 

So, something a little different now, not your traditional valentines rose by all means, but could be a good candidate for a truly thoughtful gift. The meaning for the dark pink rose is -

Appreciation and gratitude.

A beautiful rose matched with a beautiful meaning, why not write a message and tell your S/O the true meaning for extra brownie points! Bet they didn’t expect you to do your research and be so romantic...

Light pink 

The light pink rose is a great colour for many occasions, whether just to brighten someone’s day up or for valentines. The sweet pale petals are a winner in my eyes! The meaning is -

Admiration, Grace, Joy and Sweetness!

Definitely one to think about for either a new relationship or your spouse, it’s perfect for all!


Not usually one for Valentines, the yellow rose gets pushed aside... Although the meanings don’t exactly say true love, they do signify a different type of love. Here is the meaning -

Joy, delight, friendship, welcome back and new beginnings.

Yellow roses are definately underrated.


A bright colour to match a bright personality I say! Orange roses can be given on many occasions but are mostly overlooked, whether on their own or paired with vibrant flowers, they truly are a showstopper! Let’s see the meaning behind these beauties -

Fascination, desire and enthusiasm.

Sounds perfect for the first valentines together or maybe you still desire your partner after all these years! Either way, a lovely gift.


One of my favourites now... Peach is quite an on-trend colour at the moment and the roses do make a lovely gift. Not too bright but not too dark, more cottage garden style than your average rose. This is one for all the significant others out there that prefer a more natural, wild looking style. Here’s the meaning -

Appreciation, closing the deal, get together and sincerity. 


Short and definitely sweet for the coral roses, these are sure to turn heads, maybe even a heart... 

Meaning - Desire.


As a firm lavender lover, these roses are one of the best. Deep lilac petals sometimes with outer edges of deep pink, they would make a truly unique valentines gift and they will sound even better when you know the meaning -

Love at first sight, enchantment.

For all the romantics out there, this one is for you. Don’t forget to leave a message with an explanation on why you chose them though!

Yellow with a red tip

Once again the yellow with slight red edges is always slightly overlooked on valentines, many people believe yellow is not a romantic colour but more one of friendship but this is not always true! 

Meaning - Falling in Love.

Definitely one for the new couples.

Red and white

As you already know the definitions of these separately, The meaning when given together is unity.

Red and yellow

Given together these two colours mean happiness and excitement.


Well that’s all I have for now, hope this has given you some inspiration to try something different this valentines, stand out from the crowd. Don’t be a sheep and follow the flock.


Thank you for reading and let me know what you decide!